The History of National Turtle Day

The History of National Turtle Day

It was difficult to distinguish between turtles and tortoises at first, and some people still believe they are the same thing. As a result, these celebrations came to exist to help people stay informed and aware of their differences.

The American Tortoise Rescue established the first National Turtle Day in 1990. This group of environmentalists was given the task of documenting and observing tortoise behaviour in their natural habitat. Susan Tellem and Marshall Thompson made up the team, and their main goal was to stop people from exploiting tortoises and save them from extinction. On their way, they came across a different species of shelled animal — turtles — and decided to expand their preservation and protection efforts.

Susan has actively participated in charity collections and spread advertence about turtles, habitats, tortoises, and population size changes in honour of Turtle Day.

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Why Celebrate Turtle Day?

This is a frequently asked question, and it is critical to provide an answer. This is because only when will people see the benefits of getting involved. Turtle Day was established for two reasons: their populations are at risk of extinction due to exploitation, and their habitats are under threat.

Turtles are hunted and killed for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is for their various body parts, which appear to be beneficial to man. The shells, skin, meat, and eggs are used to create a variety of fashion items as well as a source of food. On the other hand, overfishing and industrial pollution are destroying their habitats.

What to Do on Turtle Day?

There are numerous ways to participate in World Turtle Day. Nevertheless, you can begin by getting hold of the American Tortoise Rescue to learn more about the day’s activities. The primary goal is to promote turtle protection through any means possible, such as campaigns, advertisements, charity work, and social media.

People are also encouraged to visit local aquariums to see live turtles in their natural habitats and to purchase pet toys as souvenirs. People can join the movement for turtle protection and conservation if there are also nature groups and local turtle communities.

Donations are also accepted for the cause. If you have a turtle terrarium, purchasing a new rock for it is also a fantastic way to celebrate.

Overall, the reason for celebrating this day is to put a halt to all human activities and instead focus on protecting and ensuring the planet’s survival.