Games with turtles

Games with turtles

When it comes to slot games, players are usually searching for themes that centre on fantasy, action, or sports. These categories are certainly among the most popular. There is, however, another niche that attracts players with a certain interest. We are talking about turtle-specific interests.

There is a growing category of slots that centre on turtles and marine life. These slots feature some gorgeous designs and allow players to take home some big cash rewards. They also provide an interesting break from the regular themes. There are of course casinos that is offering free spins on these type of Turtles slots. no deposit casinos is one site that you can get an overview of current free spins promotion with no deposit required on slots, like the games presented below. 

Here’s taking a look of some of the best turtle-inspired slot games.

Crime Fighting Turtles

What better to start the list than with a video slot inspired by the four turtles that fight crime – Turtley Awesome.

The game, much like the characters, brings to you its share of fun, action, and adventure. The visual layout has a bright, sunny feel with a beach in the background. Don’t miss the sight of turtles riding the waves on their cool surfboards.


The aim of the game is to choose nine turtles out of the twelve to earn some cool cash prizes. Each turtle has a certain amount attached to it. All you have to do it is to try and guess the nine turtles that have the maximum amounts.

The minimum bet amount starts at 50 cents and goes all the way to €10. The more you bet, the better your chances are of taking home a rewarding prize.

Turtle Awesome is as turtle-inspired as they come, and a must for players who love the aquatic creatures.

A Treasure Awaits You

Turtle Treasure has got it all for the turtle loving folks out there. There are turtles galore and a hidden treasure that is up for grabs.

The royal sea turtle acts as your guide in this game as you explore the deep blue sea for untold riches. As you explore, you will find exotic marine life that will simply hook your attention.

The best part of the video slot is discovering some of the hidden treasures that no one else knows about. We are talking of pearl rings, golden doubloons, and treasure chests. All that you have to do to lay claim to his sunken treasure is to bet a few coins and spin the wheels.

Turtle Treasure has its fair share of bonus rounds in the form of free spins. Here you can look forward to boosting your rewards.

Win by the Bay

turtle-bayTurtle Bay is perhaps one of the best looking turtle-inspired video slots. In fact, the graphics are so good that it is one of the best looking slots across categories. The visual design has a certain amount of vibrancy and energy that will draw your attention towards it. The colour palette features a rich tropical motif, replete with clear blue skies, golden beaches, and exotic marine life. Not to mention the turtles themselves.

The rhythm-filled Calypso beats will get you in the mood to earn some big rewards. Especially with the Stacked Wilds feature, where the winning symbols will simply overtake a reel and offer you the highest bonus wins possible.

Drop by Turtle Bay to experience some gorgeous game design and win some rich cash rewards.

Welcome to the Island

Turtle Island operates on a simple, straightforward theme of having a cute turtle front and centre to pull you into the game. Once you start playing, you realize that there are some rewarding prizes to be had. The game centres on free spins, which when activated, award you with more spins during the round itself.


The visual template here is easy on the eye and focuses on the pleasant marine sights.